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translations are afforded differently depending on the material used. clay, for instance, can be placed in a formative state in which it affords the translation of ideas, environments and moments of time. wood, on the other hand, brings its own ideas and patterns. wood, instilled with the time passed and the process of change, allows us to emphasise the passage of time and translate the process of living. by embracing the differences in material affordance and the impact of the tools used, i can guide the process of change whilst allowing the tools and materials to guide me. together, we translate the pattern and story within to express a moment in time in an otherwise ever-changing environment.    

my work is a juxtaposition of the combined and detached, the loved and forgotten, the present and past. by embracing the everchanging, we also welcome the mistakes, the oddness, the surprises and the beauty in the mundane. i aim to capture and express the identity of the environment around us, allowing every day to take centre stage. 

the process is a translation of humanity – it is never-ending, and we can capture only glimpses of its development and change. alike us, the process of materials upon other materials age, dies and decomposes yet remains intact in the memories created. thus, together, we are the lab of translations.


2021 - beyond the sand (group)

tête, berlin

2021 - graduation project

at the sugar factory, groningen

2020 - 60ish third year expo (group)

at academie minerva, groningen

2020 - tell me what is south of normal (group)

online from academie minerva, groningen



2022 - lios labs, bledowska desert - arts of ecology

2021 - lios labs, bledowska desert - arts of ecology 

2021 - kunsthuis syb, beetsterzwaag - 24 hours



2021 - beyond the sand 

2021 - academy minerva finals

2021 - 24hrs residency kunsthuis syb


commissioned work 

2023 - paradigm - in progress

2021 - paradigm - woodcut

2019/20 - paradigm new years eve - stage design

2019 - paradigm festival - stage design



2018 – 2021: fine art

hanzehogeschool academie minerva, groningen

2015 – 2018: product design

foundation year achieved in 2016

hanzehogeschool academie minerva, groningen

2011 – 2015: spatial design

mediacollege, amsterdam

lab of endless translations 

my art is aimed at embracing the identity of the materials. i notice and appreciate the process and potential of the materials and the environment. this allows me to express that which is hidden within. my aim is not the outcome itself; instead, i aim to emphasise the process of translation.

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