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muur kunsthuissyb

............................................. when you enter the space you see the beauty of the dilapidated walls of the monumental building of SYB. the provision of time made the dilapidation and story visible of these walls in the space. there are parts falling off the wall, like leaves from a tree. if you look close on the spot where the ground and the wall meet, you see a trace of this occasion. i really get thrilled when i see these kind of aspects. within the concept of the 24 hours, which can be divided in such as day and night, in a whole. i wanted to give meaning to the new whole with 24 new objects, divided from the inside and outside structures of surfaces that captured my eye. dilapidation is everywhere, and i took a lot of

self made clay with me to capture these surfaces. with a bucket full of clay i walked with Till to the forest nearby. walking on the fallen leaves off the trees that covered the floor as a blanket, i noticed a sawn down tree. the structure that the chainsaw left behind on this tree was now covered in my clay. when i removed the clay there was still a trace of the fluid left, ready to dissolve in the air. my eye could not capture the whole process, but i will always know it was there. it was
a nice dialogue between the clay, the tree and me. i took the clay back to SYB, where i collected 23 other structures of the surface and put them in the space of SYB as a whole, so they can now make their own story and pattern..................................

boom klei kunsthuissyb
kunsthuissyb klei afdrukken
kunsthuissyb klei afdruk
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